Who is Minaal gear designed for?

Minaal gear is designed for the business traveler—male or female—who needs to stay professional while navigating everything from sweaty tropical capitals to frosty Alaskan outposts. It's designed for the digital nomad, who roams by rickshaw every day from apartment to the cafe to the bus stop to temple. For the office worker, who needs to fit gym shoes and fragile devices in the same bag and not look out of place in the elevator. For the European adventurer, who needs something equally suited to walking tours through Prague, train rides through the Alps and rugged hikes through the Slovenian woodlands.

If you don’t love dragging wheeled suitcases up endless flights of stairs; if you’re ready to shed your unwieldy 80L hiking pack and embrace a minimalist style of travel; if you want to skip queues at airports and move swiftly through security, and be the envy of hassled-looking travelers everywhere—then you’re a lot like us, and exactly who we had in mind when we designed our products!

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