Does Minaal include accessories with bags?

From the day we launched Minaal in 2013, our goal has been to make high-performance gear that's as accessible as possible. High-performance accessories are a critical part of that mission.


For more info on how we set prices and prioritize accessibility, check out How Does Minaal Set Prices?


To hit the expected performance standards, we use best-in-class components and craftsmanship, and make sure we include everything you need on a day-to-day basis, so you're ready for anything life throws at you.

For example, we include ultra-lightweight, seam-sealed rain covers as standard with our travel-focused bags, the Carry-on and Daily

That's an accessory that most companies charge an extra $30-$50+ for – but it's not like it only rains on some people and not others! And the downside of your valuables getting wet is a major, major downside. So we bundle it. 


To read about why the Rolltop and Crossbody take a different approach to rain, check out this article on water resistance.


For the accessibility focus, we make sure you're not forced to pay for (or carry the weight of!) things you don't want or need. Hip pads are essential for some travelers, and completely unnecessary for others. Some people don't need to protect their shirts. And hey, we think everyone should use packing cubes, but you do you, man ✌️

For those more discretionary pieces, we sell them separately, which has another big benefit: it allows us to invest in making them as high-performing as possible, for the people that do want them.

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