What's the size and capacity of Minaal bags?

  • The official capacity of the Minaal Carry-on is 35L.
  • The official capacity of the Minaal Daily is 21L
  • The official capacity of the Minaal Rolltop is 15L.
  • The official capacity of the Minaal Crossbody is 2L.

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All versions of the Minaal Carry-on (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) share the same specifications:

  • Height: 55cm / 21.6in
  • Width: 35cm / 13.7in
  • Depth: 20cm / 7.87in (packed) // 6cm / 2.4in (empty)
  • Capacity: 35L

Many "carry-on" bags are intended for use only in the U.S. domestic market, which typically allows larger bags. In contrast, the Minaal is designed to work as a carry-on around the world, meaning you avoid the dreaded gate-check and excess baggage fees

It even fits under the seat on some airlines.


Because capacity is a science and not brand marketing, we use the ASTM F2153 standard for measuring the official Liter volume of all Minaal bags. See our article on capacity for important extra info.


All versions of the Minaal Daily (Original and 3.0) share the same specifications:

  • Height: 43cm / 16.9in
  • Width: 32cm / 12.6in
  • Depth: 16cm / 6.3in (packed) // 6cm / 2.4in (empty)
  • Capacity: 21L

It fits under almost any seat and qualifies as a Personal Item (i.e. doesn't count towards your luggage limit) on almost every airline.


The Carry-on, Daily, Rolltop, and Crossbody all collapse flat when empty. This means their depth when empty is only a few cm / a couple of inches, meaning you're able to fit them in smaller spaces when needed. See the image below for an example using the Carry-on.


The Rolltop's height depends on whether the top is open or closed. Standard usage is to have it closed, but if you're carrying something long – a crispy and delicious baguette, perhaps – you can totally get it in the Rolltop and cruise home with the top roll open.

Minaal Rolltop closed

Minaal Rolltop Open

  • Height: 48cm / 18.9in (rolled) 
  • Width (top of pack): 41 cm / 16.1in
  • Depth: 14 cm / 5.5in (packed) // 5cm / 2in (empty)
  • Capacity: 15L

It fits under every seat we've seen and counted as a Personal Item on every airline we've tried.


The Crossbody is a compact sling bag built for wearing across your chest or back. 

Height: 30cm / 11.8in

Width: 5cm / 2.0in

Depth: 15cm / 5.9in (packed) // 2cm / 0.8in (empty)

Capacity: 2L

It doesn't fit under any seats. Joking! It fits everywhere, even most seat pockets.


People are often pleasantly surprised how much they can fit in all of our bags, especially after comparing the L measurements against other options. We don't know what method other companies use to measure their capacity, but "capacity inflation" is a real thing – it's in every company's interest to promise plenty of space. Again, that's why we use the ASTM F2153 measurement standard – because it's absolutely critical for you to have trust in the information we provide.

That's the lowdown on Minaal bag sizing – if you'd like to see packing videos in action, check out our YouTube channel.

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