How much I can I fit in Minaal bags?

Capacity is a tricky thing to measure, because it depends on so much more than volume (you can read our rant on that topic here). What we can do is tell you the exact dimensions of our gear, and show you a few videos of what other people have managed to fit inside their bags.


Exact size and capacity details for all Minaal bags – plus a bunch of extra info – can be found in this article: What's the size and capacity of Minaal bags?


To give you a more visual idea of what you’ll be able to fit, you can check out our official how-to videos for the previous models of the Carry-on and Daily, or have a look at these Carry-on and Daily Youtube playlists (which include packing videos).

The official Rolltop setup video is here, and the Crossbody is here. And check out the independent Rushfaster reviews of the Rolltop and the Crossbody for another angle. 

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